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Independent specialist with the optimal mix in fire safety & security

A good balance between usability and risk management is easier when you consider these aspects during the development of your building. Therefore EFPC organizes special "architect office hours': fast and ably security advisory in the basis of your project plans. An investment of a few hours in the early stages could prevent major adjustments and contingencies.

Security and common use

A building can be protected with a variety of security systems so complex that it becomes a burden. Fire Services (safety) and intrusion protection (security) should be coordinated, this customization is crucial. You want to keep unauthorized people out, but employees still need access for clients, you want to keep the threshold as low as possible. It is essential that the safety & security of a building are in good balance.


Security audit

By conducting a security audit we monitor in a short period of time whether the existing security meets your expectations. EFPC can perform this audit based on the "The Hague Methodology". In this method the complete security, both organizational, architectural and electronic, is judged on functionality and performance against the risks involved. Elements in this method are: risk assessment, security audit, security management and drafting a security plan.



Together with our clients we look at which structural facilities, organizational measures and security systems are needed to achieve the desired level of safety & security. The result is a completely tailor made security plan.

A perfect balance in Safety and Security