European Fire Protection Consultants

Recognized and certified

Have you ever  gone deeper into the forest of regulations for fire safety? There are many many rules for fire protection. Regulations that vary by sector and which are also updated regularly on the basis of new insights and political priorities. During  design and construction the building permit and Hazardous Substances Publication Series (PGS), describe the requirements in terms of storage, fire and structural safety. The set of demands  which your building or terminal should (continue to) meet during  use of the building  has been described in the “occupancy permit” and the “environmental permit”. To be sure that your organization meets all the requirements, you can rely on the  specialists of EFPC.




Recognized and certified

EFPC is one of the first fire safety consultancies in the Netherlands by CIBV (formerly LPCB Scheme) accredited as a certified issuer of Program of requirements for Sprinklersystems and Integral Fire Safety Plans.

This accreditation proofs that produced documents by EFPC automatically meet the demands of insurers and fire brigades. We can provide the following documents:

  • Program of Requirements for fire alarm, evacuation alarm system and smoke control system
  • Integral fire safety plan
  • Company Fire Report (PGS 29 locations)
  • Program of Requirements (in Dutch called UPD) for fire extinguishing (eg sprinkler, watermist or extinguishing gas)
  • Flashover and Fire Load Calculations
  • Evacuation and escape calculations
  • Computer simulated evacuations
  • Calculation of heat radiation contours
  • Fire safety PGS locations