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Fire safety

Fire protection is a complex subject, with many regulating authorities, construction companies, insurers and other stakeholders. As independent specialists, we know all the necessary facets for an optimal mix in fire safety provisions.


Fire Safety = Risk control from a broad expertise

Reliable fire protection, starts with analyzing and identifying  risks. This requires an understanding of many technical disciplines. For instance architectural expertise is needed to assess the risks of the architectural design. In addition, a lof of mechanical engineering knowledge is required for the design of extinguishing systems. For the design of other safety systems, such as detection and signalling equipment, (possibly in combination with a security system) you nee expertise in the field of electrical engineering and ICT.

Different areas of expertise

The nature of activities in a building plays a major role in assessing the risks surrounding the origins and effects of fire. A robotized high-bay warehouse is different from a refinery, a railway tunnel, a milk powder factory or livestock processing. The estimation of fire risks requires insight into production processes, conditions of storage and internal transport of products or (hazardous) substances. But also in the behavior of crowds, evacuationflowcharts and crowd control, for example regarding the fire safe scenario’s of a large dance event in an exhibition hall. Only an understanding of fire and extinguishing systems is certainly not sufficient for optimal risk analyses, fire prevention and fire fighting.

Our own specialist cover every area of expertise

All expertise in-company

When it comes to fire safety you can choose from a wide selection of consultants. A supplier of extinguishing systems can tell you everything about electrical and mechanical engineering. A safety expert may know a lot of logistics and regulations within your industry. Many safety experts can test your building to the laws and norms. But there are few (or even no) organizations in the Netherlands with such broad expertise as EFPC. For all of the specializations we have our own expert employees. This means we can, regardless of the complexity of your situation, create a multidisciplinary team for a solid, integrated advice.