When it comes to the safety of your employees, your business and your visitors, you can leave nothing to chance. Therefore, choose to take action in fire prevention and security. In the Netherlands, European Fire Protection Consultants (EFPC), is the consultant with the most expertise in this field. We have no ties with suppliers of equipment or other companies. 

European Fire Protection Consultants N.V.

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The Netherlands

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Most companies in the Netherlands assume their responsibilities in the field of fire and intrusion. They do their best to adhere to the laws and regulations and enlist the advice by specialists as EFPC. We are the market leader in '' complete and independent safety and security advice. But what does this mean?

Independent advice

Dozens of specialists in various disciplines that directly or indirectly deal with safety and security work at the EFPC office. We sell only one thing: experience. This means that with our advice there is no need to bother with strategic alliances or agreements with suppliers of detection and extinguishing systems. Of course we have our preferences. But based on quality and price, not on business deals.

Integrated advice

A second important aspect of our position is that we take measure of all technical, logistical, organizational, procedural and substantive aspects of your business and the use of your building. So not only the fire, but also the products and raw materials in your processes are accounted for. Not only the alarm system, but also the flight behaviour. Not only the normal use, but also exceptional situations, (such as renovations,) accidents and human errors. It will not be the first time that an inconvenient placed fire door is held open with a pallet or blocked by the car of a supplier because in real life the workspace is not perfect. We have very different disciplines in-house, so we look at your project literally from every angle before we issue an opinion.

Certified quality

EFPC has the highest certifications in all possible sectors. We are certified to give independent security advice in the petrochemical industry, in healthcare, in event-management, construction and in rail-infrastructure. Your project is not too complex or risky for our teams. We know all the regulations and laws and can therefore also accompany smoothly when demonstrated to comply with the strictest standards. This simplifies applicating for construction-, environmental- and operating-permits.

Questions about safety advice?

For all your questions you can contact our support department. They will gladly put you in contact with those inside our company with the most knowledge suiting your situation.