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Delta Lloyd

The Toorop building on the Spaklerweg 4 in Amsterdam is an existing office and serves as the headquarters of Delta Lloyd. Delta Lloyd Group is a financial services provider offering products and services in the areas of life insurance, general insurance, fund management and banking products and services.

The building consists of a number of interlinked components.

In the period 2013/2015 the office floors are renovated and made ready for a flexible work ethic." During these renovations a new fire alarm and evacuation system are applied.

In addition, the existing fire protection facilities are tested on the legal frameworks and adjusted if necessary.

Source: Delta Lloyd

Delta Lloyd gives fire safety facilities a high priority.

EFPC is proud as an independent consultancy to advise and support Delta Lloyd in various projects on site.

Jenne Buist: Projectmanager Housing and Technology, IT & Services

Delta Lloyd has consciously chosen for fire safety advice from an independent consultant. In the Netherlands are few consulting firms that pursue an integrated approach in the field of fire safety and so we have purposely chosen EFPC because they are very experienced in this area.